Global Infrastructure

Greg Shephard, President of LTI's Global Infrastructure Services Division, discusses the offerings and services made available to global enterprises.

Built on a Foundation of Process and Quality

LTI’s Global Infrastructure Services division has established itself as a best-in-class provider of Infrastructure Design and Support Services by combining a strong focus on technical excellence with an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. From end-user support services to the design of complex global networks, LTI consistently exceeds client expectations from both a technology and a customer service perspective.

Our Infrastructure Services Division was established on the principle that a process-driven approach was the key that would allow us to continuously improve quality, reduce cost and establish a viable and sustainable service offering for our clients.

LTI’s efforts to drive quality and reduce cost have allowed our clients to reduce staff, consolidate systems, reduce system management costs and drive down “per device” support costs, all while continuing to meet or exceed contractual SLAs. Our SLA performance across all contracts is consistently between 99% and 100%.

Working with Leading Companies

LTI’s Global Infrastructure Division provides services to large multi-national corporations represented in several of Fortune’s listings of top companies, including “Top 10” and “Most Admired.” Our select list of clientele includes industry leaders in Energy, Aviation, Technology and Research.

Offering Global Solutions

LTI provides support for systems in over 50 countries across the globe. Our service management model is primarily remote management from regional hubs, with supplemental resources distributed across the globe as needed to achieve the desired level of support.

Dedicated Services. Measurable Results.

LTI’s proactive approach to offering creative solutions has been demonstrated in our willingness to invest time, money and resources in:

  • Cost Out
  • Standardization and Documentation
  • Automation
  • Quality Process Improvements
  • Regional Expansion
  • Globalization
  • Integration of lower-cost offshore resources to drive additional savings under LTI’s direct oversight and management

As a direct result of LTI’s dedication, our customers enjoy:

  • Unwavering SLA attainment
  • Performance and availability improvements
  • Services that are consistently “First Time Right”
  • On time service delivery
  • Exceptional level of customer satisfaction
  • Significant savings for clients as a result of proactive LTI initiatives

Growth and Scalability with Stability

LTI has demonstrated the ability to grow and scale to meet the infrastructure support requirements of our global clients. Additionally, our core teams of industry experts anchor our entire operation, providing our clients with more than a group of individuals—LTI delivers a strong cohesive team that functions together across sites and shifts.

Why LTI?

Throughout our history, LTI has continually increased quality, driven down costs and significantly lowered per-device pricing. We’ve also provided flexibility in our service delivery model to ensure compliance with changing standards and business drivers for our clients, allowing us to proactively accommodate various initiatives and mandates.

The LTI model leverages consistent processes, service models and shared best practices in order to provide a world-class service management model and attract other businesses to entrust their systems and data to LTI. Contact us today to see how LTI’s Global Infrastructure Services division can help your business grow while providing you greater ability to manage and control your IT investment.






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