Storage Technologies

What Are Your Storage Needs?

With the ever-increasing amount of data in the workforce, an enterprise’s needs for high-speed access, increased data security and centralized management are paramount. LTI has the ability to provide and maintain complex storage solutions that are both adaptable and scalable to each business’s specific demands. As today’s businesses and organizations continue to collect, maintain and manage petabytes of data, LTI’s technology and expertise can design and support the right storage solutions to best benefit your company.

A Complete Solution

LTI brings a complete solution to the need for storage management and data recovery. Built from a solid UNIX foundation, our storage practice understands the critical need for availability and has established a rigorous process designed to virtually eliminate human error from affecting uptime. With superior expertise in design, build and run, LTI provides complete enterprise storage support for Fibre Channel and IP SAN solutions including CIFS, NFS and iSCSI. The unique nature of LTI’s broad experience guarantees the ability to provide cost-effective and battle tested data storage solutions for our clients.

Additionally, LTI has developed a complete suite of storage management tools including robust billing solutions, storage allocations, allocation tracking, change management, growth statistics, data migration and DoD quality data sanitation. These tools allow for a scalable approach to a multi-person support environment, while simultaneously reducing time of storage allocations by up to 90%.

Leveraging Multiple Technologies

With LTI’s proven approach and enterprise-level experience with Information Life-Cycle Management (ILM), we are able to leverage multiple technologies to provide and/or maintain storage infrastructures on a multitude of disparate platforms. Our staff of expert storage engineers is trained, certified and has years of hands-on experience in EMC, NetApp and Hitachi, as well as the full suite of VERITAS products and vendor-specific direct attached storage. Within our current clientele, LTI manages over 6 petabytes of distributed and centralized FC and IP SANs (NFS, CIFS, iSCSI).

Our services include:

Solution Planning, Design and Integration and Deployment FC SAN Management, Design and Replication
Centralized Management Solutions IP SAN (NFS, CIFS, iSCSI) Management and Design
Data Recovery HSM Design and Operation
Security Processes Storage Frame Administration
Change Management Storage Software Licensing
Capacity Planning Storage Accounting
Remote Access Interoperability between disparate systems


  • EMC Symmetrix, CLARiiON, Disk Library, Centera, Celerra, VNX & Isilon
  • Hitachi USPV/VSP, AMS & HCP
  • Brocade/McData
  • Cisco
  • NetApp
  • Oracle/SUN/StorageTek
  • HP/Compaq






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