Unix Technologies

A Solid Foundation

UNIX is the cornerstone on which LTI’s Global Infrastructure Division was founded. Our first infrastructure services engagement (providing UNIX support for the engineering organization of a large multi-national company) served as the foundation upon which we have built a UNIX practice that is second to none. This initial engagement also led to the formation of our Linux based High Performance Computing practice.

A Wealth of Experience in UNIX

Our UNIX practice was founded on a strategy of continuous improvement and quality that eliminated process inefficiencies and associated costs. “Repeatable and reproducible” drove the standardization and automation of routine tasks. LTI now has a revision controlled, searchable repository of over 1,000 standard process and configuration documents.

LTI’s world-class team of experts includes some of the best and brightest UNIX resources available. Our clients and vendors alike have come to rely on LTI as a knowledgeable and reliable partner because of our extensive expertise in all major variants of UNIX. From enterprise Sun deployments to High Performance Computing clusters, LTI has over 15 years of experience supporting UNIX systems that serve as the backbone for our global clients’ businesses. We also have significant experience in large scale datacenter environments, from server hardware to facilities. Our resources are equipped with the skills to seamlessly and efficiently complete your project on time, whether it’s server consolidation projects or full datacenter migrations.

Supporting High Availability and Mission Critical Applications

In addition to supporting UNIX server hardware and operating systems, LTI’s resources are also proficient in many applications and tools used to support high availability and mission critical applications. LTI runs many different versions of UNIX, from the latest Solaris™ build on the newest Enterprise-class Sun® servers, to older versions of HP-UX on user workstations.

We currently support thousands of UNIX systems ranging from high performance compute nodes, to high-end Oracle® servers that are clustered using VERITAS® Cluster Server. We also specialize in virtualization efforts using Solaris™ LDOMs, zones, and VMWare for x86 platforms.

A Global Presence

Supporting thousands of servers across the world, we are are staffed 7X24 to provide maximum coverage and proactively fix issues before they become costly problems and liabilities.

Platforms and Expertise

Solaris™, HP-UX®, Linux, AIX®, Tru64, Veritas Storage Foundation, High Availability Clusters, AFS, ZFS, LDOMs, LDAP, Sendmail, NFS, NAS, SAN, SSH, FTP, Apache, Samba, Perl, C, Shell Scripting, Opsware, Hewlett-Packard®


  • High Availability Cluster support and management
  • Solaris server builds, patching and upgrades with minimal downtime
  • Remote management of Solaris, HP-UX, Redhat, AIX and Tru64 servers
  • Tools Scripting for Server Monitoring
  • Volume Management support
  • Facilities Management
  • Server Virtualization
  • Server Management
  • Datacenter Migrations, including data transfers to different SAN or NAS storage
  • Comprehensive server and SAN design, implementation and administration
  • Server Consolidation
  • Hardware availability and application scalability analysis
  • System modeling and performance optimization
  • End-user services and support (engineering computer-aided design support)
  • High Performance Computing






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