Export Control

Navigating the Challenges of Export Control

Exporting sensitive data and software is a necessity for many large businesses, but it can also prove to be a costly, logistical challenge. When it comes to export control, there are often many regulations in place to ensure the national security and foreign policy interests of our country. LTI provides assessments that will help solve the challenge of export control to further drive the globalization of services. By working with global partners, we can ensure the most cost-effective support model, in addition to ensuring standards are in compliance.

Assessing the Risks

LTI’s resources know how to determine the potential failure points and present them in ways so that the customers can determine which risks they will assume and which risks they will remediate. Through the years, LTI has worked with clients to better understand the complexities of managing and securing export controlled data in a global environment.

Over a Decade of Experience

LTI provides self-assessments and audits of security vulnerabilities—and of processes employed—to ensure that proper users of export controlled technology meet the citizenship requirements of each export license. With over 10 years of experience administering networks, systems and data in an Export Controlled environment, LTI resources are aware of the criticality of controlling access to, and maintaining the integrity of, export controlled data.






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