Optimized Outsourcing

Why Outsource?

Within any business structure, there are a multitude of reasons why outsourcing makes sound business sense in today’s environment, among them:

  • Turning fixed costs into variable costs
  • Allowing for greater focus on core business
  • Freeing internal resources to focus on strategic initiatives

Choosing the Right Partner

Different opinions about outsourcing abound, especially when it comes to balancing the degree of reliance on internal and outsourced expertise. However, there’s also consistent agreement that the key to any successful outsourcing initiative is choosing the right supplier. It’s a strategic business decision. At LTI we believe it goes beyond choosing the right supplier. To be successful, you must choose a strategic partner.

What LTI Can Do For You

Customers who have chosen LTI have found that we rate highly on all of the key qualifications for a strategic partner. LTI boasts financial stability, no allegiance to any specific technology platform, over 20 years of enterprise-level experience and true global capabilities. Most important, we love what we do and we’re good at it. LTI resources have a strong, process-driven approach that has allowed us to consistently improve quality and greatly reduce cost on behalf of our customers.

To each and every outsourcing relationship, LTI brings:

  • A strong customer focus. LTI has successfully developed long-term strategic relationships with clients, each of which is multi-year and multi-assignment
  • A focus on client business drivers and client-specific systems and processes
  • Flexibility, ownership, technical expertise and exceptional leadership
  • Strong, geographically distributed teams that function as one across platforms, geographic locations and shifts
  • The proven ability to attract and retain talented personnel
  • The ability to drive process, standardization, automation and documentation
  • A mutually beneficial relationship by which each party’s success is enhanced by the other

LTI’s approach provides its clients with:

  • Strong alignment between IT and business needs
  • Comprehensive management of services and solutions
  • Consistency, sustainability and accountability for their IT processes
  • Demonstrated improvements in:
    • Cycle time reduction
    • Cost reductions
    • Quality
    • Efficiency
    • Performance and Availability






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